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Anajak Temporary fencing Hire, Heatherton 3202

This week ANAJAK temporary fencing Hire Melbourne had an emergency call out to a site in Heatherton. The aforementined site had an incident where an unknown vehicle collided with around 10 metres of the cyclone boundary fence. It was of utmost importance that the boundary breach was quickly fixed by installing temporary fencing. The reason for this? The boundary fence belonged to one of Victorias most prestigious golf courses. Capital golf club. ( A Professional course owned by Crown Casino Group ) As soon as we were informed of the need for temporary fence we moved the install to our priority queue and left to attend the site directly. From the time we took the call to the time the perimeter was secured took less than 2 hours. When you need temporary fencing in Melbourne and you need it quickly, call ANAJAK. A family owned and operated business. Whether it's a few panels or a hundred panels, we have a solution and price to suit your needs. Call us today on 0417 654 378

Temp fence hire Melbourne - Broken Fence Before

Temporary Fencing Hire Heatherton - After Installation

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