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Melbourne's fairest Temporary fencing hire company.

Do you want the best hire rates on temporary fencing in Melbourne?

Do you want "A" class service that goes above and beyond to secure your site?

Do you want to give your work to a family owned small business, where your choice helps a family with young children compete against the big companies?

Of course you do! and we want to help you with any temporary fencing hire requirements you may have.

Big or small, you can trust ANAJAK temporary fencing hire Melbourne to come through with the 1 - 2 combination of excellent price and outstanding service

Temp fence for site security
Temporary fencing hire Melbourne

We service all temporary fencing hire jobs. If you have an event we can fence off your event site.

If you're building a new home ANAJAK temporary fencing hire can secure your building site.

Being in business since 2006 - we've seen our fencing used for many weird and wonderful things. Who knows? Maybe you have a new one for us.

We service all of Melbourne and most of Victoria. So feel free to give us a call to chat about your requirements.

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​  ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne​

Specialising in Temp Fence Hire Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

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