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                                       Don't be fooled by the "so called" competition.

Hiring Temporary fencing from ANAJAK temp fence Hire Will Save you money.

 * With Hire starting from as little as $99, you can secure your site against Theft of property and Vandalism on a budget.

* We specialise in temp fence hire. We Install every project as though we were protecting our own Homes. We take pride
  in our ability to solve even the trickiest installation issues.

* We are family owned and operated. From the time we take your call, through delivery, installation and pickup, we are
 there to help. Contactable by phone and email 24/7. 

* Whether you are a Builder, Home owner, Landscaper, Demolisher or Event Planner, We Guarantee Satisfaction   On both Service and Price.

* We can take on the largest projects but are still in touch with where we came from, servicing even the smallest of jobs
& Being family owned and operated means Lower overheads. This equals SAVINGS! for you.

* Whether it's "Need it now" or Just after a quote for future projects we're here to help. So call  ANAJAK Temp Fence Hire Melbourne today on (03) 9689 0022

                                                               Don't Buy & Get Ripped Off,
                                                                   Hire & Get Protected!

                        - No Transport & Storage Costs          - No Additional Time & Labor Cost

         - No Risk Of Public Liability          - Hire is 100% Tax Deductible          - Professionally Installed

                                                             - We are Completely Insured

                 Smart Builders Know, Temp Fence Hire Is The Only Way To Go!

​  ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne​

Specialising in Temp Fence Hire Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

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