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Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne Wide

Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne

This week has been a busy one for ANAJAK temporary fencing hire melbourne. We've been to all four corners of the map and conducted a variety on installations.

We Been in west Melbourne doing a small scale hire of 4 panels of temporary fencing while the owner was awaiting a garage door to be delivered and installled. Approximately 3 weeks.

This was a particularly tricky install as it was down a one way narrow st and the through an alleyway. Luckily theres not much we havent seen at ANAJAK temporary Fencing hire Melbourne. So we powered on and carried the stock manually for a good 200mts.

The owner was ecstatic. We even helped him carry in some steel posts. Allpart of the extra mile we go as a family owned business.

The above Temporary Fence installation was Southeastern Melbourne. A Delivery of 50mts to secure the block against rubbish dumping and provide the security while the building takes place. A period of 9 months on this site.

This was definitely a muddy part of Melbourne on this particular day. Ankle deep puddles all over and super soft soil. Days like these I'm glad I invested in a 4wd. We put it in low gear and sailed across the block with ease. We were greeted by the owner just as we were finishing up. He was super surprised at how well we had installed the fence, saying there was no comparison with other companies he'd used in the past. A nice compliment thats for sure.

Next up was a relatively simple Temporary Fencing Hire in the northern Melbourne suburb of Doncaster. The brief was simple, Install 40 metres of Temp fence to the frontage and also the low side boundary fences. This temporary Fencing hire was to be in place 12 months. To cover demolition and construction stages of this development. This client was a repeat hirer, he has used us for over 30 sites. A testament to the longevity and functionality of our business relationship.

The temporary fencing hire in Melbourne East was 150 metres for the revamp of an old sporting pavillion. The client needed temporary fencing hire to encompass the area where the works were to be carried out as well as a small area where the turf was to be reseeded.

This Melbourne sporting ground temp fence hire was a mixed duration hire. some of the fence was to be left in place 3 months and the rest for 9 months.

The above stories are just a brief desription of what ANAJAK temporary fencing hire melbourne can do. We provide Temporary fence for sporting events, concerts, markets, festivals and more.

We can provide dog containment solutions, security fence solutions for private parties.

Of course what we are mainly recognised for is our excellent hire works in the demolition and construction sectors.

Our temporary fencing hire is Melbourne wide and our service is second to none.

Call us today on 0417 654 378 to discuss your temporary fencing hire needs

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