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Support a Family Owned , Melbourne based Temporary Fencing Hire business

Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne

ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire melbourne is a family owned and operated temporary fencing hire company founded in 2005. At 25 years of age I was working in my families Demolition company among doing other things.

I had a lightbulb moment to compete against the few big companies who at the time were the only ones offering this service.

My goal was to offer a budget hire service that didn't compromise on quality of product:

"A Secure Site, Priced Right"

We started ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire melbourne out of my fathers demolition yard in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. We linked up with a local steel importer to source our first lots of temporary fencing. At the time my company didn't have the capital to import Temporary fencing so we purchased each small lot of panels based on what was required for each job site.

For the first 18 months while ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire melbourne was a fledgling company I continued working in the family demolition business doing Temporary Fencing Hire jobs on the side. Slowly growing our inventory and paying for new panels with the money earned from new site installs.

Eventually the time came when I was getting too busy to work full time and run my Temporary Fencing Business. So I went out on my own with trepidation and slowly but surely built a small client base of builders, demolishers and developers.

We never really had a huge presence in new estates. We stuck with what we knew which was Temporary Fencing hire ranging from 15-40 metres. We specialised in hire for demolition sites and knockdown rebuild sites.

11 years down the track and ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire melbourne has grown into a very well known company. The majority of our business comes from previous clients and referrals. We service all facets of construction, demolition events and more.

In moving forward we continue to offer the same service and quality we always have. Now with 13 years experience under our belt there's nothing that we haven't seen.

We've provided temporary fencing for Multi national companies such as coca cola. We've secured new years events with Crown Casino and Installed Temporary fencing hire for Australian defence force for sensitive sites.

Our work becomes more and more varied as word of our quality spreads but we will never lose touch with who we are.

A family owned business who wants to provide an alternative against the expensive big boys.

Call ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire melbourne today on 0417 654 378 or 03 9689 0022

to discuss your needs

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​  ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne​

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