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Temporary Fencing Hire - Melbourne , 3002  - 4 things you MUST KNOW!

Do you need to hire temporary fence for you project? ANAJAK temporary fencing Melbourne is your go to for service,  product and cheap prices. 

Here's some handy info to keep you out of trouble when selecting a temporary fencing hire professional.

*  ANAJAK temporary fencing has no hidden fees. The price we give you is complete.  It includes delivery, installation, hire and removal.  - Some of the competition charge in complicated ways. 

 * Hiring is more cost effective than purchasing.

Purchasing 30mts will cost you around $900  

for a flimsy entry level fence.  Where hiring        cost is between $300-350 on average. 

      - If you're a builder.  Hire cost is tax                            deductible, so why have the headaches of              owning and storing panels.  Not to mention            labor/ transport.   It's a no brainer!

* We're experts!  - You'd don't want to leave it to chance. ANAJAK Temporary fencing Melbourne has been in the industry over 10 years. 

We know how to secure your site against theft and vandalism and secure the install to prevent tipover in high winds ,which can cause personal injury. 

* Last but not least.    We're family owned and operated.   When you go with ANAJAK TEMP FENCE , you're supporting a small Australian business.  We started with nothing and built our little business up to be one of the most reliable providers in victoria. 

The director is still an installer.  This guarantees your install will be carried out in a way that safeguards the good name of our business and provides you with an amazing temporary fence install. 

Call us today on 0417 654 378

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