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Melbourne's most magnificent temporary fencing hire - 10 Facts you need to know.

Are you looking at demolishing your existing home to build a new family home or develop your property? Then you need to look at using temporary fence. Anajak temporary fencing Hire Melbourne is the best in Victoria for price, service, and expertise combined. Whether you have a small requirement of 5 m - 10 m for tree protection or more substantial requirements of up to 150 m for a new property in a new estate, anajak temporary fencing Hire Melbourne is there to help. We offer temporary fencing to such a diverse range of applications. We have been used by companies such as Boeing to seal off work spaces, Australian Defence Force to cordon off areas for new machinery installation. Our panels were used as a backdrop on Australia's Got Talent. Barefoot cinemas used our temporary fencing hire to section off point nepean park for movies and celebrations. Even crown casino has used ANAJAK temporary fencing Melbourne to protect garden beds from being trampled during New Years Eve festivities. Our temp fence panels are also used by mini builders throughout Melbourne such as luxury home builder Canny, Lyndale homes and Arkville homes. ANAJAK has over 10 years experience in installing temporary fencing in Melbourne. There is nothing that we have not seen. So you can rest assured that your site security is of the utmost importance to us there is no installation problem that can crop up that we cannot solve. We offer free remote quotation using our state-of-the-art GPS software. You tell us what it is that you're hoping to achieve and we can give you measurements of boundaries tree protection areas or full sites without the need to attend the property. This is a twofold advantage for you. 1 we can provide you with an accurate quotation within minutes and 2 we don't need to attend the site, therefore our quotation will be cheaper than our competitors. Anajak temporary fencing hire Melbourne always keeps up to date with what our competitors are charging, and we make sure we are on the cutting edge of pricing. You will always receive a competitive quote and what's more you will always receive the best standards of service in our industry. Our expert installers are fully insured and we guarantee the Integrity of our work. Our temporary fencing panels are commercial grade and engineered to with stand the toughest conditions of Australia's weather system. We offer multiple styles of installation one being the standard temporary fence in concrete blocks. Advantages of this system are that you can take it apart and move it around as necessary, take it down to allow machinery in or for building on boundaries. An alternative system if you are looking at something more sturdy E.G you are looking at putting signage banners or shade cloth on it, we can install on star pickets or additionally add star pickets to the concrete block system. Installing in this manner is a little more, regarding price, but will give you the peace of mind that no one can push the fence over or the wind cannot tip or bow the fence because it is adequately braced. Anajak temporary fencing Hire Melbourne offers short term and long term hire. We can install the morning of an event and remove it the very same day. This option is great for festivals, markets, birthday parties were security is paramount or any other short term hire. We offer regular building hire terms as well so 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, right up to 2 years If you are a first time owner builder we are happy to discuss options with you regarding duration of hire. A lot of people do not know how long a build will take we have the experience of over 10 years and thousands of installs to give you a clear estimate on what you can expect. We take our temp fence hire seriously we want to make sure that everybody on your site is safe and people walking past the front of your boundary are also safe. So we will take all appropriate measures to make sure that out install stands the test of time for the duration of your build. Unfortunately our industry is a very competitive one and there are a lot of companies out there looking to make a quick buck and use inadequate panels for safety and security. Well it may seem quite an insignificant part of your build the temporary fence safeguards what could be your greatest investment of your life. Although your build will be insured, the last thing you need is the setback of months and months to repair the damage that vandals can do when they access your home. We will use screw together clamp systems for all of our temporary fencing. This way you are ensured the greatest chance to deter any would be trespassers or vandals At Anajak temp fence our reputation has always preceeded us. We are not about a fast buck and we are always fair with our pricing and service. That is why we have so many repeat clients and referrals to new clients. These days we spend very little on advertising as we have a solid foundation and great name in our industry.

So if you're needing a temporary fence or just looking at getting a quotation. Call Anajak temporary fencing hire Melbourne

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