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Melbourne's Favourite temporary fence hire

ANAJAK temporary fencing hire Melbourne is a family owned and operated business.  Specialising in great service, great products and a price that can't be beaten. 

If you're in Melbourne and need temporary fence for a pool dig , demolition, construction or event,  give us a call on 0417654378  - our prices include delivery and professional installation. 

No matter how difficult the access ANAJAK temp fence will get your site secured. 

Have the council told you that a tree protection fence is needed? - We can do this too. Whether it's on the front nature strip or on your property, we can calculate the perimeters needed to comply.

ANAJAK temporary fence Melbourne is fully insured and treat each site fence install with care. 

We offer a cheaply priced hire service that encompasses all of greater Melbourne.  Securing perimeter for new dwellings, demolition , festivals and more. 

Established in 2008 - we've serviced more temp fencing jobs in Melbourne than we can remember. 

Call us on 0417 654 378 and book you job.

ANAJAK temporary fencing hire Melbourne   - A Secure Site, priced right

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​  ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne​

Specialising in Temp Fence Hire Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

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