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Melbourne Temporary fencing professionals

Well, the warmer months are finally upon us and with this beautiful weather comes plans to build, demolish, hold an event or dig your brand new swimming pool. That's where ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Melbourne comes in. With over 10 years experience we can help secure your site with the experience of over 3,500 installs. Whether it's a few metres to make a dog run while renovating or a few hundred metres for your building site or event, we're here to help. Our prices and service are second to none and are the reason we have so much repeat business from owners and builders alike. If you're unsure what's needed for your site, give ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Melbourne a call today on 0417 654 378. We are well versed in council requirements regarding temp fence for Building, demolition, events , tree protection and more. Our huge inventory of temp fence hire panels exceeds all australian standards and will make your site safe and secure and deter thieves and vandals. If you don't have time to chat, drop us an email - or use our instant quote form here ------ quote form

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