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Temporary Fencing Hire Rates - 3 Things You NEED to Know

Everything that you need to know about temporary fencing hire rates

1 - Temporary Fencing Hire Rates vary greatly from company to company, Why Is this?

There are lots of determining factors when it comes to how other companies price their jobs, such as how busy they are, the overheads they have and of course the largest determining factor, how much work, if any they will obtain from you in the future.

At ANAJAK temp fence hire, we quote each job on an individual basis to ensure you receive the fairest possible market price. Whether you're a builder, Owner or otherwise you will be treated equally.

All we really need to know is how many metres of temp fence you need, how long for and the location of your job. That's enough information for us to work out exactly what we need to do to secure your site.

Hire Starts at $99 with averagre hire Rates range between $250-$450.

2 - We want your business!! ( and we'll SAVE you money )

At ANAJAK temporary fencing hire Melbourne, our motto is " A Secure site, priced right "

We strive to offer you the most competitive Temporary fencing hire rates possible.

However , If we fall short, we want you to tell us. In doing this you are helping us to retain our edge in the marketplace while at the same time brokering the best deal possible for yourself

Feel free to contact us with our competitors quotations. We're very approachable and will always offer you the sharpest deal we can!

We have been providing temporary fencing solutions since 2007.

With thousands of completed installs, You can rest assured that you have chosen the right company when you choose ANAJAK.

3 - Beware The Hidden costs of our competitors.

We make it our mission to be completely transparent in the way that we conduct our business.

There are no hidden additional charges. Our prices include , Delivery , Professional installation , Hire, Removal and Pickup.

Some pitfalls to be aware of when obtaining quotes -

- Companies that charge for the fence hire then charge a hidden delivery fee.

- Companies that charge additional costs for installation service.

- Companies that charge extra fees for an early pickup.

- Companies that use a tricky quotation system to trick you into paying more.

-Companies that will only allow a full priced rehire, not pay by the month

We've seen it all. Luckily these unscrupulous businesses don't last too long before they're found out.

Call us today on 0417 654 378 or email:

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