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Need Temp Fence? - 5 Things to Consider

When it comes to Temporary Fencing hire , We've got all of Melbourne covered.

Temp fencing hire Melbourne

1 - Service -

When It comes to Service, ANAJAK Temp fence hire ticks all the right boxes.

From the time that we take your call, you'll know that we care about more than just a quick sale.

As a family owned and operated business, we're still small enough to care about each and every site we install our fencing on.

We Service a 60km radius of Melbourne Cbd so whether its North, East, West or South we've got your installation needs covered.

2- Price

We've done our research when it comes to value for money. We don't want to be the cheapest.

Being the cheapest means using an inferior quality temp fence that offers little protection to the customer and cutting corners in other areas also. Cheap and good quality very seldom go hand in hand.

We want to offer you a great combination of price and service. You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitive our fees are, considering the quality of our workmanship and the integrity of our installations.

3 - Quality

All of our Temp fence panels meet or exceed Australian standards. They will secure your site against vandalism, theft and hefty council fines.

There's no point paying good money for a substandard installation.

4 - Reputation

Having been in business since 2007 you can rest assured that ANAJAK Temporary fencing hire know what we're doing.

Over the years we've been used by such high profile companies such as Boeing, Australian Defence Force, Fremantle Media, CSR, L. Arthur, RMIT, University of Melbourne and Port Of Melbourne docks. Not to mentions dozens of different builders who use our services year after year.

5 - Communication

Last but not least, something we pride ourselves on. Communication. The person that takes your call is also responsible for the installation of your temporary fence. So any special requirements or intricate details wont be lost in the process.

We guarantee that our installs will be to your specifications. We will work with you constantly in the lead up to your start date and are always contactable via phone or email should you have additional requests.

- Whether it's one project or a string of projects we want to be your provider of choice.

Call us today on 0417 654 378 to make a booking or use this link to send an email enquiry


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