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Safety at St kilda Seabaths, 3182

Temporary Fencing Melbourne Hire

Temporary fencing hire in St Kilda , 3182

Today Anajak temporary fencing hire was in St kilda installing 42 metres of our anti climb high security temp fence for our repeat client Flcs. The brief was simple, provide a perimeter fence for Flcs. (A mobile telecommunications company. ) that was strong and stable.

ANAJAK temp fence decided the easiest way to brace our temporary fencing was with star pickets,Staggered along the perimeter. This also helped with the next objective, install 70 percent shadecloth. With the star pickets now in place our client didn't have to worry about the temp fence tipping over in the St kilda winds. FLCS are installing a mobile relay tower to deal with all the additional cell traffic from the upcoming St Kilda festival. With our temporary fence creating a secure perimeter around their equipment they no longer have to worry about theft or vandalism. Anajak Temporary fencing Hire can be used for security, events, demolition construction and much more. Call us today on 0417 654 378

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