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Melbourne Temp Fence Hire

Temporary Fencing Melbourne

The Old Navara was definitely earning its keep yesterday with a Temp fence hire job that took us over 100kms from our home base.

This particular install was over 95mts for a subdivision.

Our job was to install 60metres on the right hand boundary, 25 metres at the rear and another set of panels at the entrance to the block. ( behind where this photo was taken )

Our temp fence will be in place at this site until civil works are completed. ( approx 3 months ) At which time the builder will step in and decide whether to continue our hire or use his own supplier.

Our hire terms are flexible, from a day or weekend right up to 2 years and you can rest assured our budget conscious prices will delight!

Hiring temporary fence from ANAJAK is the smart way to go. It's tax deductible for your business, we're fully insured and we offer the best combination of price and service that you can get.

Call us today on 0417 654 378 and see why ANAJAK temp fence melbourne is the #1 Choice for Budget temp fence hire.

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