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  • Jared Leighton

Stop Rubbish Dumping In New Areas - Use Temporary Fencing

Luckily Our Clients - ( Block Camera side of the temp fence ) Had used ANAJAK temp fence.

Otherwise this pile of rubbish could have been dumped on their block!!

It's an all too common problem, you have a vacant block in a new area.

You're waiting on permits to build, or you may simply be just waiting for land to appreciate in value before on selling it. When you receive an unexpected phone call from council, "someone has illegally dumped rubbish on your block, you have 48hrs to remove the rubbish ( at your own expense )"

It's not a nice situation to be in, however it can be easily avoided. Installing temp fence like our clients above will limit acces to you block to anyone who does not have a key to your gate.

Avoid council fines and rubbish removal costs, Install temp fence on your vacant block and sleep easy knowing you won't get "That Call" from Council

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