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  • Jared Leighton

Temporary Fencing Hire Cost

So, What does it Cost to hire Temp Fence? If I told you our hire starts from $99, would that impress you? If I told you we were the cheaapest in melbourne would that be enough to convince you to use us? For most people it would be.

However, more goes into the cost of temporary fencing than you think!

The old saying you get what you pay for rings true in this scenario.

Some companies may seem cheap. but after the fencing is installed, you can see why.

Panels that are buckled and have holes arent safe or secure.

Sometimes that's what cheap gets you. ( View Our installs Here on our Instagram account ) Other times you get a great product but a fly by nighter company who doesn't take time to secure your site correctly, leaving unsecured returns or gates. A fence that allows someone to simply stroll onto your site leaves you vulnerable to theft or lawsuits.

Other times you may get a good product and an ok install, but go over your prepaid hire and BAM! not so cheap anymore. They have a minimum 6 month rehire, even if you only need a single month extension. We rehire on a monthly basis.

Our Company is family owned and operated. It's our business, and our name that gets tarnished if we don't do right by our customers.

A lot of the time we are the cheapest in Melbourne, but If we aren't, before you go with our competitors ask yourself WHY are they so cheap?

Read our reviews HERE and find out why ANAJAK temp fence is "A Secure Site, Priced Right"

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