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  • Jared Leighton

5 Reasons to HIRE your Temp Fence (HINT: Cost Is 1 )

So you're stuck on the fence? ( Pun intended ) Do I shell out the extra and BUY my temporary fence or do I keep the extra cash in my pocket and RENT Temporary fencing?

Hopefully this article will give you a gentle nudge in the right direction.

1) Temp Fence Hire is 100% Tax Deductible for Business

This means, come tax time, all of your hire expenses will be offset against your

income. Less money to the TAX MAN is always a win!

2) No Transport Costs When You Hire from ANAJAK Temp Fencing Melbourne

Have you got a Truck? Well Great if you do, but if you don't you'll be forced to use a 3rd party transport company. Anyone who has ever booked this sort of freight company will tell you "It Ain't Cheap" Do you want to pay out this money each time you want your fencing moved?

3) No Labour Costs when you Hire

Our installation is provided as a free service when you hire from us. Our installers are "professional problem solvers." Trained on even the trickiest of installs

Don't you agree that your time or your Tradespeoples time could be spent on more

productive tasks?

4) No Need for a Huge Storage Area When you HIRE temp fencing

Have you seen how much space even a handful of these panels can take up?

We have two dedicated yards on both sides of Melbourne CBD.

Wouldn't you prefer not to clutter up your shop front/Yard with Temporary Fencing Panels

when they're not in use?

5) No Worries about a public liability lawsuit as we are fully insured.

Do you want to end up in court because 1) your public liability doesn't cover installation

of Temp fencing or 2) Either yourself or your employee installed the fence in such a way

that it may blow over and cause damage to property or injury to persons?

With over 3000 installs under our belt, you can sleep easy knowing our installs will stand up to all conditions

Call us Today and find out why we're the Number #1 Choice for Temporary fence Hire in Melbourne.

"A Secure Site, Priced Right"

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