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  • Jared Leighton

Temporary Fencing Preston

This week ANAJAK temp fence was asked to install a fence for a demolition site in preston.

It was a two part install, a frontage and a neighboring boundary.

With the Boundary installation, a garage was to be pulled down , leaving no fencing and no security for the people or pets within that property.

We Installed our dog proof fence system along the brick wall, so once the garage was knocked down our temp fence would still leave the boundary sealed.

With the frontage ( Pictured Below ), We stepped our install back towards the house to allow demolition machinery access to the block.

If you need temp fence hire in preston or anywhere in the greater Melbourne area, Call ANAJAK on 0417 654 378 today and see why ANAJAK temp fence hire is number 1 with our clients.

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