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  • Jared Leighton

Cheap Temporary Fencing? Are YOU asking the right questions?

So, you need temp fence right? You've got a project/site/event to fence off?

You're a little confused by where to begin?

Well, it's a big wide world of providers out there, They all

charge differently for EXACTLY the same product right? .....WRONG!

Some bigger providers who deal with large scale projects and builders have higher overheads with HUGE numbers of staff and large storage facillities. They will of course, pass the higher running costs on to you as the client.

Some providers use outdated and below safety standard Panels that not only can attract infringement notices from council but are not secure enough to deter people from entry

to your site.

While these hire companies are cheap at the beginning, they can cost you additional money from site theft, vandalism or lost work time for non compliance fines from Council.

You don't want CHEAP, you want Value for money.

That's where ANAJAK temp fence Melbourne comes into play.

ANAJAK is a Mid size hire company and that't how we like it. Big enough to help, small enough to provide individually tailored service.

Whether you are a small scale builder, a home owner , event planner or Melbournes largest Developer, we will give you a fair price based on your individual project.

We take care with your installation, Securing Your site right.

We're about long term business, not a fast buck.

We are family owned and operated with all profits remaining in Australia

Complying with all AUS standards for Temp fence and fully insured.

Best hire and service prices Guaranteed.

We want YOUR business. Call us today or CLICK HERE with your current rates or competitors quotes.

You'll be glad you did.

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​  ANAJAK Temporary Fencing Hire Melbourne​

Specialising in Temp Fence Hire Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

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