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Temporary Fencing Sunbury

This week ANAJAK Temp Fence Melbourne was called out to Sunbury to arrange a new install.

This particular site was 85 metres of fence with an existing build to the left and vacant land at the right and rear.

In a new land release area, it's always very important to get the land fenced off securely ASAP.

This will stop illegal dumping from other builders in the area and avoid costly fines and fees to remove rubbish.

At ANAJAK temp fence Sunbury, we pride ourselves on fast and secure installations.

A job like this will only take us 2 hours from start to finish and you'll have peace of mind for the entire building process, knowing your site is safe and secure.

Call Us Today and see why Builders and owners alike Choose ANAJAK to provide a cost effective security solution for their site.

0417 654 378

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